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Visit central Sweden – the location of Kroongetuige season 2.

You’ve seen the series Kroongetuige – now follow the footsteps of your favourite stars and try to solve your own murder mystery. In Västmanland you can experience all the filming locations, such as  Kungsörstorp where the wedding party took place,  Skeppshandelns Stenugnsbageri with cinnamon buns to die for and the medieval streets of Arboga.
Get your murder solving kit at the Tourist Information Centre in Köping or Arboga and start your self guided tour. If you manage to solve the mystery there is still a lot of adventure to participate in.
Mysterious rock carvings and ancient castles are like voices from the past. Deep forests, dark lakes and endless fields vailed in morning mist sets the scene for your own crime story.
Kings, industrial and medieval heritage combined with modern accommodations and white guide cafés offer you the perfect taste of Mälardalen in central Sweden.
Venture further and the region -
Enter the depths of darkness at Sala Silvermine, survive a night in a Charcoal Miner’s hut and meet a Moose up close.
Contact us now and let your adventure begin or read more about our sleep, eat and do suggestions below.
Discover Västmanland – the Essence of Sweden.

Available from spring 2019

You don’t have to see the series to experience this murder mystery

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